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Q. What is the object of 13 Card Indian Rummy?
Each player gets 13 cards. The object is form runs (sequences) and sets using all the 13 cards. Normally, the winner will have 4 combinations of runs and sets, out of which 3 will be 3-cards and one will be of 4-cards. However, it is possible to have 3 combinations of 5-, 4-, and 4- cards; 5-, 5-, and 3-cards; or 6-, 4- and 3-cards. It is also possible to have just two combinations.

Q. What is a wild card?
All the printed jokers are wild cards. Plus all cards of same rank as the face up card below the stock pile on the table are wild cards.
In a sequence or a set any wild card can be used as a substitute for the missing card. Only one wild card can be used in a sequence or a set. The sequence that uses a wild card (as a substitute for the missing card) is a non pure sequence.

Q. What are the requirements of a Valid Declare?
A valid declare must have minimum two runs and out of these runs one run must be pure (called First Life). The second run can be pure or non pure (called Second Life). Either First Life or Second Life must have 4 or more cards. On a valid declare the scores of the rest of the players are counted.

Q. Why a sequence with 2 wild cards is not a valid sequence?
Yes, in Indian Rummy by Octro, only one wild card can be used in a sequence or a set. In Octro’s Indian Rummy we follow the rules followed by the leading clubs in India. We have clearly stated and documented these rules.

Q. In Teen Patti, I am unable to login with Facebook. I can play as a guest.
Ans. Make sure that you have the latest version of Indian Rummy.  Switch off your phone and switch in on.  Launch Teen Patti and login with Facebook. If you are unsuccessful, install or update the latest version of Facebook application on your device. Launch the Facebook app and login using your Facebook account.  If you are not able to connect to Facebook, contact Facebook.  If you have successfully logged-in, then launch Indian Rummy and login with Facebook.

Q. I have lost my chips. How can I get free chips?
We give free chips every day; chips are sent automatically. Login every day to get the free chips. Or you when you select Chips icon, there is also a link to “Get free chips.” The option to “Get free chips” is not available for all the phones.

Q, How can I find my Indian Rummy id or Facebook id number?
To get your Indian Rummy id number, launch Indian Rummy and click the Settings icon. In About, you will get your id.
To get your fb id, in a browser open the web page Login with your username and password. On your Facebook page, click your name. Copy the link and send it to us.

Q. I lost … chips due to some error in Indian Rummy or its server. Please give me the chips  back.
There can be many reasons for this problem. It can be due your phone or the internet connection. Our Indian Rummy is a very stable app and we work 24/7 to keep our servers working. Even if the fault happened due to Indian Rummy or its servers, you must take it as a part of the game. We do not compensate any user.

Q. I have purchased chips but I did not get the chips.
You can purchase chips only through Google Play, iTunes Store or Facebook with your credit card or HDFC and ICICI banks Debit Card. If your purchase is accepted, you will get a purchase order with date and time of purchase. You will receive chips in the same account that you used while making the purchase. If you did not get the chips within 24 hours, write to
If you did not get the purchase order, in most cases your order was not accepted. You can not use Debit card (except HDFC debit card) or ATM for the purchase. If amount has be debited to your account, wait for 2 or 3 days and the amount will be credited back to your account.

Q. I completed a task in the ”GET CHIPS FOR FREE!” offer. I did not get the chips.
“Get Chips for Free” is by Tapjoy, Inc, which is a reputed company of U.S. If you installed some apps or completed some action using Tapjoy offer wall and didn’t get chips, you need to contact them.  To contact them, you can launch the “Get Chips for Free” offerwall again and use the “Missing Chips” link on that page. You MUST register your complaint.

Q. How much is 1 million?
One million equals 10 lac. Thus,
1 million = 10 lac =10,00,000
1 crore  = 100 lac = 100,00,000

Q. Do you have Indian Rummy for WP phones?
We expect to release Indian Rummy for Windows Phones in about 10 days.

Q. How is my level in India Rummy decided?
As soon as you have enough chips, you move to higher level. So your level is automatically decided based on number of chips you have. Once you reach a higher level, you are always higher level player. If you do not have enough chips to play on that level, you can play on lower level.
Any of your Indian Rummy friend on a lower level can invite you to play on his/her table.

Q. How can I transfer chips from my guest account to my Facebook account?
The guest account and the Facebook account are treated as two different accounts. Chips are not transferable.

Q, Why I am always losing? It appears that the game is fixed.
Please be assured that the card distribution is completely random.  There is no way we can figure out who gets what cards. It is just plain luck. Indian Rummy requires luck, skill and judgment.  We wish you best of luck in the game.  

54 comments on “Support
  1. saurabh says:

    Hello Emily, which version of Rummy software are you using on the iPad. Is there a specific pattern to have it crash. Which version of iOS are you using on your iPad.

  2. Dan says:

    Hi great game but I have lost sound while playing a game
    All the sound settings are on and I have tried deleting app and reinstalling
    But still no sound any suggestions ?

    • saurabh says:

      Dan, there is a problem with the released build, that sound sometimes just stops working. It would start working again on its own after some time.

      We will resolve this issue in the next version.

  3. RR says:

    I have purchased 100,000 chips two times separately on 1/5/2013, only 100,000 chips were credited to my account. Could you kindly check n credit the balance chips.

    • saurabh says:

      Provide following information to
      1. If you login using facebook, provide your facebook display name. If you login as Guest, provide us your Guest display name.
      2. Also provide us details of your payment receipts.
      Our support team will check your record.

      • RR says:

        The chips purchased (Play as guest) the signing name is “RR” . The amt was paid thru credit card on 1st may 13, @ 11;06 pm IST amt debited was Rs.220/-. We hv purchase this thru apple I tune store.

        • saurabh says:

          We have added 100k chips to your account. Thanks for sending the details, and sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. Manjula says:


    I play Indian rummy on facebook and I am unable to play since few days because I am getting some error.
    My facebook user id is “manjula.chada.1″.
    Appreciate your help.

    • saurabh says:

      Hello Manjula,

      Can you please let us know the exact error you are getting. Also, please let us know which browser you are using and which version.

      You should also try to delete all cookies from the browser, and then retry. The page gives details on how to delete cookies on Internet Explorer. After deleting the cookies, close the browser, and then reopen the browser, and go to Indian Rummy.

  5. Sharma BC says:

    Hi, I’ve been a fan of Indian rummy game from past few days. However, there are couple of changes I would like to suggest.
    1. If there are no valid sequences, take the actual count of cards instead of full 80 points.
    2. Display the points count next to each player. It helps to play safe or drop the cards
    3. Ask to block the incoming calls before opening the app or handle the incoming call. While playing if any call comes, the game is disrupted. If you seek input from your app screen whether to take call or reject that will help.

    In addition to these, I need one information. What is the alternate joker, when a printed joker is selected ?. Some people say it is 2 and some say it is Q. Please help me.

    Finally, playing this game is really refreshing. Thank you :)

  6. SNath says:

    When any three cards of the same value and colour are considered as pure sequence , why not three printed jokers ?

    • saurabh says:

      Because it is easy to get 3 printed jokers as there are 6 of them available in a game with 3 decks.

  7. Muninarayana says:

    I am unable to play against bots for more than 10 chips at a time.As I invite I get a message bots cannot play on this table

    • saurabh says:

      We have disallowed bots on large point private tables. You can play large point games on public tables or with facebook friends on private table.

  8. XLNC says:

    Which card will be considered as joker, if joker is Joker Card.

  9. Razaur says:

    I’m unable to purchase the chips. It seems it is no more supported on APPS store. What is the new procedure for purchase of chips?

    • saurabh says:

      Hello Razaur, please let us know which device you are using to Play Indian Rummy. We will let you know the procedure. Google Play, Apple Appstore or Facebook Credits should all work to purchase chips.

  10. Razaur says:

    I’m receiving the following msg:

    “Cannot connect to App Store. This device is not supported by App Store”

    I’m purchasing all other products except yours.

    • saurabh says:

      Looks like you were able to purchase today – looking at logs. If you were able to resolve the issue, maybe you can let us know what was wrong?

  11. Razaur says:

    Still problem is I solved. I told my son to purchase it overseas, using my ID. Anyway Ted.

  12. Guru says:

    1) Three printed jokers (we call them “hats”) should be considered as a pure sequence, its just like 3 cards of same set and number (London)which is pure sequence.

    2) Players not playing for 3 rounds are considered as a drop with 20 points, why? it should be 80 points. Initial drop (before drawing a card)=20 points, Second drop=40 points, and anything else like not playing, not declaring, wrong declare should be 80 points. Players after some rounds deliberately don’t play for 3 rounds so they are penalized only 20 points (but, if they get good cards after not playing for 2 rounds they continue), this makes others loose patience.

    • saurabh says:

      1. When we are using three decks, there are six printed jokers while there are only three cards of same rank and same suit. Also when any player gets two cards of same rank and same suit, mostly the player will aim to get rid of the duplicate card instead of waiting for another similar card to make a pure sequence. But when a player gets two printed joker, the player will avoid throwing a printed joker as a loose card.
      2. When a player drops without picking any card from the table, player loses 20 points. When a players drops after picking even a single card, the player loses 40 points.
      If a player does pick any card for three rounds, the player is removed from the game (forced drop). Yes, the player loses only 20 points as mostly this happens because of poor Internet connection and not deliberately.

  13. Sandy says:

    I am unable to invite my online friends to private table even though “play” option comes under their names..they are not able to invite me too..but im able to invite a bot to private table..y is it so

  14. Razaur says:

    As per the requirement I hv one original set n a duplicate rummy of one 4 cards set. Still I have one card left with 2 or 3 jokers left, how can I declare.

    • saurabh says:

      You can not declare even when there is a single card left except jokers. Wait for next turns till you can make a sequence with or without a joker. Delcare all unused jokers separately.

  15. SHARUKH says:

    This is just to inform u that I’ve been playing on your rummy site for about a month
    There is this particular man named XXXXXX
    Who uses absolutely unacceptable language and its really annoying
    There is no way to block him or his indecent language
    Hence I’m forced to mail you
    Please take this matter seriously as there r ladies also playing this game so it’s really embarrassing for one and all
    Thanks and hope to hear from you

    Sent from my iPhone

  16. Alka says:

    I have purchased 100k for RS 110 but I am debited 2 times for the same purchase , RS 60 and RS 110. Why so . Secondly why isn’t the chips credited to our account immediately.

    • saurabh says:

      Hello, the Rs. 60 debit might be a temporary authorization that Google Checkout sometimes does to verify a user account. If you didn’t do a second purchase, that debit will disappear (generally within 72 hours). Again, we have no access to your credit card etc., and all transactions are handled by Google. All purchases are handled by Google, and we are notified of a purchase by them. We credit the chips immediately after being notified. BTW, I am assuming you purchased from an Android phone.

  17. Alka says:

    I use iPad. Purchased 100k abt an hour back. Haven’t been credited as yet . Kindly chk

    • saurabh says:

      For iPad, just replace Google with Apple for my previous reply :) .

      We haven’t yet received a confirmation from iTunes for the purchase. The confirmation is sent to our game server from the Indian Rummy client once iTunes notifies it of the successful purchase.

      Apple also generally sends you an email receipt of your purchase – can you check if you have received it? Unfortunately, we have no control of it, and no way of verifying the status as it is handled by Apple.

      Also, try exiting Indian Rummy (by closing it from the running applications bar), and then opening again. iTunes generally notifies again about a purchase when app re-starts (in case there was a problem earlier).

  18. Alka says:

    The ads at the bottom makes it difficult to declare . This happens very often . Please do something abt this …….:(

  19. Alka says:

    How can we move from a 500 point table o a 100 point or 50 point table .

    • saurabh says:

      Dear Alka, there is no option available to do that currently. We are working on a new premium model where you will be able to move +- 2 levels, but that option is probably going to be available only after 15-30 days.

  20. SHARUKH says:

    I do not know if you r receiving my mails but must tell you once again and it’s my humble request to you to block the message box of XXXXX .He still uses that foul language. Even this morning he has done so.

    • saurabh says:

      Dear Shahrukh, please send your account information to us on . If you sign in using FB, then send us the link to your profile, otherwise if you sign in using guest, let us know your display name and number of chips you have.

      We will block this guy such that his chats would not be visible to you.

  21. saurabh says:

    Done, we have blocked the user so that his Chat’s will not be sent to you. In the new version we have implimented this feature so that you can yourself block chat of any player.

  22. Alka says:

    Want to bring to your notice abt 2 players using foul language. Kindly block these ….

  23. i would like to be able to play on a 1 or 2 chip table but most often i am seated at a 10 chip table can i change this if so how.Thank you.

  24. Ajay agrawal says:

    I wish to know that how can we choose what point table we need to play, as it is the software which decides what point table we play, if I want to play on say 2/10/20/50 point table there is no choice, it is mandatory to play what software gives us to play, this is fishy, and I have seen many people with balance of 40000 to 80000 playing on 2 point table, but I am not able to go to that table, as the software does not allow to go to that 2 point table
    Please advise,

    • saurabh says:

      As soon as you have enough chips, you move to higher level. So your level is automatically decided based on number of chips you have. Once you reach a higher level, you are always higher level player. If you do not have enough chips to play on that level, you can play on lower level.
      Any of your Indian Rummy friend on a lower level can invite you to play on his/her table.

  25. I am unable to purchase chip because of some problem. The only response is “getting product” and that’s all. It just does not open. I love the game but lack of chips does not allow me to play.

  26. Bharat Asher says:

    If 7 hearts is the open card below the stack it is considered a Joker(wildcard). However presume if you have 5 6 7 all of hearts, then it is also considered as a pure sequence right ?

  27. Alka Jain says:

    It seems I have lost about 400,000 chips when there was some problem with the network .. I was on a table with Harry farry, Bhilad and another person . Pl chk . And will appreciate if u revert back . Thanks

    • saurabh says:

      Please read Terms of Service in Privacy/Legal at www.. Here is an extract:
      By accepting to use Indian Rummy application, you fully understand and agree that you can lose chips because of many reasons beside losing while playing the game. Some of the reasons are client’s data connection, Internet connection, improper behaviour of the client (Indian Rummy app), Octro, Inc. server problem, sudden increase in traffic, someone else using your account or your account is hacked and many more.

  28. Alka Jain says:

    I fail to understand how one can loose around 400000 chips in a span of few minutes while the Internet connection or server is down. Secondly how my acc can be hacked or used by someone else while I am playing

  29. prem says:

    Please upload rummy game for windows phone…

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