Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is the object of 13 Card Indian Rummy?

Each player gets 13 cards. The object is form runs (sequences) and sets using all the 13 cards. Normally, the winner will have 4 combinations of runs and sets, out of which 3 will be 3-cards and one will be of 4-cards. However, it is possible to have 3 combinations of 5-, 4-, and 4- cards; 5-, 5-, and 3-cards; or 6-, 4- and 3-cards. It is also possible to have just two combinations.

Q. What is a wild card?

All the printed jokers are wild cards. Plus all cards of same rank as the face up card below the stock pile on the table are wild cards.

In a sequence or a set any wild card can be used as a substitute for the missing card. Only one wild card can be used in a sequence or a set. The sequence that uses a wild card (as a substitute for the missing card) is a non pure sequence.

Q. What are the requirements of a Valid Declare?

A valid declare must have minimum two runs and out of these runs one run must be pure (called First Life). The second run can be pure or non pure (called Second Life). Either First Life or Second Life must have 4 or more cards. On a valid declare the scores of the rest of the players are counted.

Q. Why a sequence with 2 wild cards is not a valid sequence?

Yes, in Indian Rummy by Octro, only one wild card can be used in a sequence or a set. In Octro’s Indian Rummy we follow the rules followed by the leading clubs in India. We have clearly stated and documented these rules.

Q. In IndianRummy, I am unable to login with Facebook. I can play as a guest.

Ans. Make sure that you have the latest version of Indian Rummy. Switch off your phone and switch in on. Launch IndianRummy and login with Facebook. If you are unsuccessful, install or update the latest version of Facebook application on your device. Launch the Facebook app and login using your Facebook account. If you are not able to connect to Facebook, contact Facebook. If you have successfully logged-in, then launch Indian Rummy and login with Facebook.

Q. I have lost my chips. How can I get free chips?

We give free chips every day; chips are sent automatically. Login every day to get the free chips. Or you when you select Chips icon, there is also a link to “Get free chips.” The option to “Get free chips” is not available for all the phones.

Q. How can I find my Indian Rummy id or Facebook id number?

To get your Indian Rummy id number, launch Indian Rummy and click the Settings icon. In About, you will get your id.
To get your fb id, in a browser open the web page Login with your username and password. On your Facebook page, click your name. Copy the link and send it to us.

Q. I lost … chips due to some error in Indian Rummy or its server. Please give me the chips back.

There can be many reasons for this problem. It can be due your phone or the internet connection. Our Indian Rummy is a very stable app and we work 24/7 to keep our servers working. Even if the fault happened due to Indian Rummy or its servers, you must take it as a part of the game. We do not compensate any user.

Q. I have purchased chips but I did not get the chips.

You can purchase chips only through Google Play, iTunes Store or Facebook with your credit card or HDFC and ICICI banks Debit Card. If your purchase is accepted, you will get a purchase order with date and time of purchase. You will receive chips in the same account that you used while making the purchase. If you did not get the chips within 24 hours, write to
If you did not get the purchase order, in most cases your order was not accepted. You can not use Debit card (except HDFC debit card) or ATM for the purchase. If amount has be debited to your account, wait for 2 or 3 days and the amount will be credited back to your account.

Q. I completed a task in the ”GET CHIPS FOR FREE!” offer. I did not get the chips.

“Get Chips for Free” is by Tapjoy, Inc, which is a reputed company of U.S. If you installed some apps or completed some action using Tapjoy offer wall and didn’t get chips, you need to contact them.  To contact them, you can launch the “Get Chips for Free” offerwall again and use the “Missing Chips” link on that page. You MUST register your complaint.

Q. How much is 1 million?

One million equals 10 lac. Thus,
1 million = 10 lac =10,00,000
1 crore  = 100 lac = 100,00,000

Q. Do you have Indian Rummy for WP phones?

We expect to release Indian Rummy for Windows Phones in about 10 days.

Q. How is my level in India Rummy decided?

As soon as you have enough chips, you move to higher level. So your level is automatically decided based on number of chips you have. Once you reach a higher level, you are always higher level player. If you do not have enough chips to play on that level, you can play on lower level.
Any of your Indian Rummy friend on a lower level can invite you to play on his/her table.

Q. How can I transfer chips from my guest account to my Facebook account?

The guest account and the Facebook account are treated as two different accounts. Chips are not transferable.

Q. Why I am always losing? It appears that the game is fixed.

Please be assured that the card distribution is completely random. There is no way we can figure out who gets what cards. It is just plain luck. Indian Rummy requires luck, skill and judgment. We wish you best of luck in the game.