Tutorial for Indian Rummy by Octro
You can play 13 card Rummy as a Guest or you can login through Facebook. Select -> Login to Facebook or Play as a Guest. When you Play as a Guest, you can not invite your facebook friends to join you and you can only play in the Public room. When you login through Facebook you now have option to play in Public room (Play Now) or in a Private room.

Play Now
Select -> Play Now for the Public Room. In the Public Room you play with other players and with Bot (computer). On higher level tables, the bot joins you only when the table is empty.

Private Room
In a private room you can invite your Facebook friends and Bots to play with you. In a private room you can also decide the stake that is the amount of chips per point that you lose or gain.
Invite your Friends. You can invite your facebook friends to join you. For this on the Rummy Table (Public or Private table), select Invite Friend. The developers of Indian Rummy appreciate your contribution when you invite a friend who is downloading this application for the first time.

Learn Rummy

Before starting to play, you must know the rules of the Indian Rummy game by Octro. Select “Learn Rummy.” Read this article to learn the rules. Also learn about the User Interface Options — How to pick a card, How to throw card and How to declare cards.

Purchase Chips. If you want more chips, select the Chips icon. These chips represent virtual money and have zero value in real money. You purchase chips so that you can play the game for some more time.

Leader Board. To see the chips count of your facebook friends, select Leader Board icon.

Rate Indian Rummy. The developers of this software will appreciate if you rate the Indian Rummy software; for this select Rate Rummy icon (star shaped icon). Indian Rummy by Octro is the only Indian Rummy that you can download on your phone and play online in read time with friends and unknown people around the world.

Settings. The main setting items are Account (logout), Help, Game Options and About.


Purchase Chips

Leader Board

Rate Rummy

Settings icon

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The Rummy Table
On the rummy table, select -> Sit here to play. When the new game begins, you get 13 cards. Click Sort to sort the cards. You can also do manual sorting any time during the game. On a Private table you are already seated. Select Invite Friend to invite your Facebook friends to join you.

The card face down in the center of the table is the Stock pile. The card partially visible below the stock pile is the joker (wild card) — all the cards of that rank regardless of the suit can be used as jokers. The card face up on the right side of the table is the Discard pile.

When it is your turn, you must pick one card either the top card of discard pile or the top card of stock pile. Now you have 14 cards. Examines the 14 cards and decide the card which is least important for forming runs and sets. Put the least important card face up on the discard pile. For the next player this card becomes the top card of the discard pile.

When you want to declare, instead of discarding unwanted card on the discard pile, you discard it on the box “Tap to throw card and declare.”